How did the Foundation get its start?
The Oxford City Schools Education Foundation was founded in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens dedicated to continuing the strong tradition of outstanding academic achievement and teacher excellence.

Why is the Foundation important to the Oxford City School System?
The Oxford City School System offers high quality instruction for all students and is considered one of the top in the state. In order to maintain this status, the system must continue to have a vision and move forward. The Foundation will provide a source of income for innovative educational opportunities.

Will the Foundation be independent of the school system?
Yes, the Board is composed of volunteers from the community. It functions independently of the school system, but always with the needs of the school system in mind to enhance the quality education for our students.

Who are the Board members and how are they selected?
Board members are elected annually and represent citizens from throughout our community.

What are the top priorities for funding by the Foundation?
The Foundation will provide a source of funding to enable our students to be prepared for the 21st century workforce and ensure our teachers are of the highest caliber and that they are provided with opportunities for ongoing professional development.

What process will the school system use to ask for money?
The system will assess needs and determine priorities for funding on an annual basis. These needs are driven by system and local school improvement goals. The School System will then submit requests to the Foundation Board of Directors.

Why, with the high city appropriations, do we need a school Foundation?
There is always a struggle to get adequate funding from the State of Alabama. Therefore, it is apparent that we need to create an alternative means of funding certain critical components of the school system’s future needs. The Oxford City School System receives tremendous support from the City Government. A great deal of this funding goes toward locally funded teachers (math, english, science, history, fine arts, technology, and physical education). Money raised by the Foundation will go to enhance programs in place and towards student benefits that schools cannot fund.

Is an education foundation to support a public school system unique?
No, this is not a unique idea. We are one of many public school foundations established across the state and nation.

Will the money from the Foundation go to build and repair buildings?

How does Foundation fundraising affect local school fundraising?
Local school fundraising efforts will always be important and the Foundation does not affect those efforts.

Is my donation tax deductible?
The Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and contributions should qualify for charitable income tax deduction. Donors should contact their own tax advisor regarding individual situations.

How can I give?
The greatest financial support for the Foundation comes from the hundreds of private donors and area businesses that realize the importance in investing in the education of our young people. You can make a one time gift or a pledge payable over a period of years. Payments of your gift or pledge may be made by check, securities, property, trusts, insurance, bequests, or other deferred gift plans.

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