Alabama Teacher’s Credit Union
Altrusa International of Anniston
Ms. Brenda Angel
AOD Federal Credit Union
Mr. Chris Austin
Mr. Kenneth Baber
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bain
Mr. Neal Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Beshears
Mr. Ottis Blakemore
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bobo
Ms. Autumn Bobo-Wallace
Ms. Holley Box
Ms. Peggy Brown
Ms. Louis Bryant
Mr. Tommy Burt
Mr. BobbyButler
Mr. Dwight Byrd
Frank Buchanan Family
Nancy, Pam, and Keith Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cassidy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Cates
Mr. Reese Champion
Champion Sports Medicine
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chase
Ms. Dot Cheatwood
Class of 1955
Class of 1958
Class of 1968
Class of 1975
Class of 1978
Class of 1997
Mr. Gary Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Don Cotney
Crawford Office Supply, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Denman Croley
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Crow
Mr. Adrian Dale
DeArmanville Elementary School
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Dempsey
Ms. Percy Davidson
Mr. Hugh Dodgen
Mr. and Mrs. Plemer East
Ms. Elaine Edmondson
Ms. Debra Rogers Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Gowan Embry
Ms. Tia Englebreecht
Mr. Richard Forsyth
Ms. Sondra Freeman
Ms. Margaret Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Fulton
Mr. Bob Garfrerick
Mr. Gerald Geier
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Gibbs
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Goodwin
Ms. Audrey Greenwood
Ms. Ethelene Griffith
Mr. Wes Griffith
Ms. Dorenda Groat
Dr. and Mrs. Myra Hand
Ms. Rita Hand
Ms. Virgina Hanner
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Harrell
Ms. Judy Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Heifner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henderson
Mr. Terry Henderson
Mr. and Ms. Lathaniel Hicks
Ms. Sandy Higgins
Dr. Jimmy Hinton
Ms. Janie Nelson Hollis
Mr. Wallace Horn,Jr.
Mr. Fred House
Mr. Larry Howle
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Hubbard
Ms. Troy Hubbert
Ms. Sybil Ingram
Ms. Patricia Jack
Ms. Mary Jackson
Ms. Judy Hopkins James
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Les Junge
Mr. William Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kelley
Ms. Pat Kerr
Ms. Joyce Kirby
Ms. Gloria Henley Klein
Mr. Roger Knowles
Mr.Grady Lacher
Mr. and Ms. Evelyn Lamar
Ms. Peggy Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lataste
Mr. Bob Ledbetter
Ms. Lou Lindbolm
Mr. and Mrs. Don Lindley
Ms. Norma Martin
Mr. Chuck McCarty
Mr. James McConathy
Ms. Gwen McGee
Ms. Mary Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miller
Ms. Sherry Miller
Mrs. Gene Moody
Dr. Mally Moody
Ms. Dorothy Moore
Mr. Carl Mundy
Rev. James Nance
Ms. Bonita Naugher
Ms. Betty Nelson
Ms. Peggy Nelson
Ms. Becky NeSmith
Novartis Hematology
Mr. Danny O’Kelley
Oxford Blueprint & Reprographics
Oxford Board of Education
Oxford High School
Oxford Kiwanis Club
Oxford Public Library
Ms. Jean Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Perkins
Dr. Rick Phillips
Mr. Chris Pope
Mr.Bobby Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Potts
Senator Jim Prueitt
Queen Nails
Quest Club
Mr. Wayne Rawlings
Ms. June Reaves
Regions Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rhoades
Mr. Drew Rhodes
Ms. Juanita Rice
Ms. Lisa Robertson
Ms. Barbara Roder
Congressman Mike Rogers
Mr. Ronald Ross
Ms. Ilene Rowland
Mr. Ralph Rutledge, Jr.
Ryan Chiropractic

Mr. and Ms. Eddie Shortnacy
Skyway Pawn and Sales, Inc.
Ms. Becky Smith
Ms. Edna Smith
Mr. Randy Smith
Ms. Shea Snider
Mr. Seth Snider
Ms. Joyce Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Stephenson
Ms. Everette Studdard
Sharon Taylor Family
“Terrible Ten”
Washington Post Co.
Mr. LaVaughn Walden Family
Mr. John A. Whiteside
Ms. Nettie Whitley
Therman Whitmore Family
Mr. Bobby Williams
Ms. Mary Williams
Ms. Ollie Willingham
Mr. and Ms. Doug Wilson
Ms. Terry Womack
Ms. Betty Lataste Zaner
Ms. Linda Zinn