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A community is composed of homes, businesses, places of worship, and roads, but it is defined by its people. Our people have always placed a tremendous value on the education of its young people. This dedication to education began with the founding of Oxford College in 1867 and was furthered by the formation of the Oxford City Schools system in 1970.

It was with this dedication to education that the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation was organized in 2008. Our mission is to continue the strong TRADITION of educational excellence and outstanding student achievement by providing supplemental resources and strengthening community engagement. The Foundation Directors envisioned a partnership among all stakeholders: local businesses and organizations, alumni and those who have chosen Oxford to be their home, parents and grandparents, teachers and friends. This quest for educational excellence takes a united effort and requires participation from everyone in the community.

Strong schools play a vital role in the economic development and quality of life in our community. Together, we must take responsibility for making Oxford City Schools the BEST system in the state and give our students the opportunities to BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, and SUCCEED in the twenty-first century.

About Us


Partnering with Oxford City Schools and our community to enhance learning experiences for all students.


Creating leaders of tomorrow by working with Oxford City Schools and our community to provide resources that enable students to reach their highest potential.


Collaborating with our community in order to provide greater educational opportunities for Oxford City School students.


To build school, community, alumni, and business partnerships that enhance all educational endeavors of Oxford City Schools To recognize school staff, student and volunteer achievement To raise and allocate funds to promote innovative educational opportunities To provide tools to assist teachers in maximizing student learning.
Points of Pride
Oxford offers quality instruction in the arts, including: drawing, painting, pottery, music, and theatre. Additionally, the system offers orchestral and marching band, competitive choir at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, and dramatic productions of classic and contemporary plays.
Students attending Oxford schools have the opportunity to experience a rigorous and challenging curriculum that includes Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, College Preparatory, and Honors courses at the secondary level and advanced programs at the elementary levels.
All schools in Oxford City Schools are Alabama Reading Initiative schools and all teachers in the system participate in extensive training in best practices.
All students have access to technology. The system is committed to providing a 21st Century learning experience to all students through use of technology.

Board of Directors

Executive Director

Cindy Lett Williams

Board of Directors

Ken Howell - President
Brad Williams - Vice President
Jane Hamric Batey- Secretary
Tim Wilson- Treasurer
Savanna Littleton Hubbard
Adam Maniscalco
Ginger Munroe
Jimmy Newman
Debbie Nothdurft
Shannon Page
Trey Pilkington
Kendall Pool
Thomas Pratt
Breanna Walker
Doug Wert

Honorary Directors

Dr. David Bennett
Rick Burgess
Terry Henley
Dr. Jason Jack
Jeh Jeh Pruitt
Keeli Davidson Waller

What We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Foundation get its start?

The Oxford City Schools Education Foundation was founded in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens dedicated to continuing the strong tradition of outstanding academic achievement and teacher excellence.

Why is the Foundation important to the Oxford City School System?

The Oxford City School System offers high quality instruction for all students and is considered one of the top in the state. In order to maintain this status, the system must continue to have a vision and move forward. The Foundation will provide a source of income for innovative educational opportunities.

Will the Foundation be independent of the school system?

Yes, the Board is composed of volunteers from the community. It functions independently of the school system, but always with the needs of the school system in mind to enhance the quality education for our students.

Who are the Board members and how are they selected?

Board members are elected annually and represent citizens from throughout our community.

What are the top priorities for funding by the Foundation?

The Foundation will provide a source of funding to enable our students to be prepared for the 21st century workforce and ensure our teachers are of the highest caliber and that they are provided with opportunities for ongoing professional development.

What process will the school system use to ask for money?

The system will assess needs and determine priorities for funding on an annual basis. These needs are driven by system and local school improvement goals. The School System will then submit requests to the Foundation Board of Directors.

Why, with the high city appropriations, do we need a school Foundation?

There is always a struggle to get adequate funding from the State of Alabama. Therefore, it is apparent that we need to create an alternative means of funding certain critical components of the school system’s future needs. The Oxford City School System receives tremendous support from the City Government. A great deal of this funding goes toward locally funded teachers (math, english, science, history, fine arts, technology, and physical education). Money raised by the Foundation will go to enhance programs in place and towards student benefits that schools cannot fund.

Is an education foundation to support a public school system unique?

No, this is not a unique idea. We are one of many public school foundations established across the state and nation.

Will the money from the Foundation go to build and repair buildings?


How does Foundation fundraising affect local school fundraising?

Local school fundraising efforts will always be important and the Foundation does not affect those efforts.

Is my donation tax deductible?

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and contributions should qualify for charitable income tax deduction. Donors should contact their own tax advisor regarding individual situations.

How can I give?

The greatest financial support for the Foundation comes from the hundreds of private donors and area businesses that realize the importance in investing in the education of our young people. You can make a one time gift or a pledge payable over a period of years. Payments of your gift or pledge may be made by check, securities, property, trusts, insurance, bequests, or other deferred gift plans.

How To Give

Support our work through a gift to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation Endowment Fund held with the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama.

The charitable deduction for income tax purposes is one that can be taken by those who itemize their income tax returns. The Oxford City Schools Education Foundation is a 501©3 charitable organization.

Check with your accountant or tax advisor to see how you can benefit from current tax rules.

Cash: This is the simplest form of giving. Most of the gifts to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation are made in the form of cash.

Matching Gifts: Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles – and, in some cases, even triples your gift to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation. Check with your company’s human resources department, and send in the proper forms when you make your gift.

Honor and Memorial Gifts: You can make a donation to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation in memory or honor of someone.

The Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama is available to assist you with the following gifts to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation Endowment Fund. You may reach them by calling, 256-231-5160, ext. 29 or email: swilliamson[at]yourcommunityfirst.org

Bequest: A bequest is a provision in your will to provide a gift to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation after your death.

Life Insurance: A gift of life insurance is an excellent way of making a substantial contribution. The simplest way to make a gift of life insurance is to name the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation as the beneficiary of the policy.

Securities: There is a significant tax advantage with a donation of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares. If these securities have increased in value since they were purchased and you have owned them for the required length of time, you may claim a charitable income tax deduction for their full market value. At the same time, capital gains taxes on the appreciation, which would be due if the securities were sold, may be avoided.

Real Estate: Like securities, real estate can appreciate in value so that selling incurs substantial capital gains tax. Gifting to the Foundation of appreciated property can have a significant tax advantage. You may choose to give real estate outright and receive an immediate tax deduction, or retain the use of the property during your lifetime and make a planned gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Giving through a Charitable Remainder Trust enables you to receive income for the rest of your life. The remainder will benefit your community. After funds are transferred into the trust, the trust pays you or someone you designate regular income payments. At the death of the beneficiary or after a designated number of years, the remaining assets in the trust transfer to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A charitable gift annuity allows you to make a valuable gift that pays you a guaranteed income. Through the use of an annuity contract, you transfer assets to the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation and you will receive periodic fixed payment for the rest of your life. A Charitable Gift Annuity can reduce estate assets and may reduce estate taxes.

What taxes to report ?

Income tax: how to declare it?

Which form to fill out for your 2018 tax return? Which boxes to tick? How do you know if this type of income is taxable? Declaring your taxes, an inescapable but complex process that often discourages taxpayers, especially if you have to file your tax declaration online for the first time. From 2019, online tax reporting will be mandatory for everyone. Don't panic, TacoTax explains how to declare your income tax in due form.

2019 tax return: forms and procedures

Income tax (IR) concerns all taxpayers domiciled for tax purposes in France . French expatriates abroad but having their families or residences in France are liable to IR .

Good to know : the opening of the 2019 tax declaration period is set for April 10. Service closing dates vary by department.

Taxpayers nevertheless have the possibility of correcting their declaration until mid-July , when the online service is closed. In France, the reference form for the tax declaration is called Cerfa n ° 2042 .

The tax administration publishes the pre-filled forms n ° 2042 (civil status, address, marital status and dependents). It fills them with the income of declared taxpayers of which it has knowledge. In other words, the income communicated to it by third-party payers (employers, pension funds, Pôle Emploi, etc.). Note that in 2020 , non-taxable people and those whose income does not change from one year to the next will be exempt from completing an income tax return .

Tax declaration: what to declare and how?
All taxpayers without exception must complete the 2042 return . For certain additional income, specific charges and expenses , additional forms must be completed:

Print to fill out Expenses & investments
declaration 2042
marital status, address, location of the tax household
salaries, wages , pensions and annuities, unemployment benefits, daily Social Security allowances (IJSS)
exceptional income
real costs
income from securities and movable capital
property income
deductible expenses
declaration 2042 C investments ( capital gains , stock options )
declaration 2042 C PRO non-salary professional income and / or furnished rental income
2042 RICI declaration expenses giving rise to a reduction or tax credit
IOM 2042 statement overseas investments
2044 declaration or 2044 S declaration real property income
declaration 2074 capital gains on transfer of securities and social rights
To declare your income tax, two options: the declaration on line (tele-declaration) or on paper. Note that some income may be subject to the progressive scale or the Single Fixed Levy , these are investment income (dividends, capital gains on transfer of securities, interest, shares ...).

Report your income tax online
Taxpayers are informed by email of the opening date of the online declaration service. To declare online , two solutions:

on the site www.impots.gouv.fr,
by smartphone or tablet via the Impots.gouv application (on Google Play or App Store) from the "pay my taxes" tab. Access can be done by entering your tax number and password or by flashing the code printed on your tax notice (bottom left of the first page).
Connect to your particular space (blue tab at the top right on the home page):

You will need to identify yourself with your tax number and password .

Definition: tax number

The tax number is the unique identifier for all tax procedures. It is made up of 13 numeric characters. It appears on your tax notice (on income, housing tax and property tax)

If you have never accessed your particular space (and therefore you do not have a password), enter your tax number, your online access number and your reference tax income. This information appears on your April tax return (tax number and online access number) and on the tax notice received in August N-1 (reference tax income).

Once authenticated, you will be redirected to your Dashboard . From there, you can pay your taxes directly online:

pay my taxes online

Your online declaration will be pre-filled with information known to the administration . If you have received additional bonus income, you will have to add them. You just have to check:

your family situation
your address
pre-filled amounts
If this information turns out to be incorrect, you can correct it. Please note, your pre-filled declaration does not take into account other income and expenses that you have received or paid (charges, reductions or tax credits). It is up to you to include them in your declaration. Do not forget to sign your declaration online for it to be taken into account. You will then receive a deposit confirmation email.

Declare your income on paper
2019 was the last year for the paper tax return. As of January 2019, all taxpayers will be required to declare online. With some exceptions :

your main residence is not equipped with Internet access ;
you live in a “white” area (without mobile coverage or the Internet)
you do not know how to use the Internet (elderly, dependent, disabled);
you are reporting your taxes for the first time in 2019 .

Online reporting: what changes in 2019
2019 will be the closing year for the tax levy system currently in place, that is to say "lagging" (the taxes declared in year N are levied in year N + 1). On January 1, 2019, taxpayers will be taxed directly with the source deduction.

Already in place in many European countries, withholding tax already exists in France for social security contributions and employer contributions. A more flexible, more adapted system, which implies important changes to come in the following months:

following the sending of your declaration on line, the tax administration will communicate your rate of withholding tax to you , as well as your possible installments. It is on this rate that you will be taxed from January 1, 2019.
in your particular space on the site www.impôt.gouv.fr, you will find a new section entitled " Manage my direct debit " in which you can manage your direct debit thanks to the many options offered by the service:

From this interface, you can:

adjust your withholding tax rate following a drop in income
opt for the neutral / individualized rate of withholding tax
declare a change in personal and family situation (birth, PACS , divorce, death of spouse, etc.)
request the quarterly payment of your contemporary installments
A final notable change over the paper return. As from 2019, the administration directly deduct your income tax on your bank account . You will have to transmit to the tax authorities a RIB to allow, as of 2019, to carry out the operations of direct debit, return or deposit.

First income tax declaration: quoi déclarer aux impots ?
first tax return
Declare your first taxes: the tax adventure begins
Have you become an adult and / or begin your professional activity? With the system currently in place, you must declare all income received during the year preceding the declaration. However, you can request the attachment:
either at your parents' home;
either to one of your parents if they are taxed separately;
either one or the other parent households (parents or in-laws), if you are married or civil partners .
2016 income taxes are to be declared in 2018. For your 2018 income, you must declare them in 2019.

Withholding tax: what change?
With the switch to direct debit , the one-year lag is over: income is declared and withdrawn in the same year , in order to better adapt to possible changes in the taxpayer's situation. But what to declare, exactly? In taxation, the concept of income tax is not limited to wages, it includes:

salary income, with the exception of training allowances, remuneration for apprentices or student jobs
professional or non-professional income
alimony including support payments received
the pensions ,
income from movable capital,
the land revenue (to indicate on the form No. 2561 ter of the single tax form )
capital and real estate gains
On the contrary, certain charges and expenses are deductible from your taxes , but it is imperative to declare them in order to be able to be compensated. It's about :

tax credits, such as the Energy Transition Tax Credit,
the support payments you pay,
childcare costs for children under 6,
the jobs of homeworkers (housekeeper, gardener, nanny, tutoring, etc.)
donations to associations
►Read also : How to calculate and declare your mileage costs?

The main taxable income
Are naturally taxable:

income received for a salaried activity
scholarships allocated for specific works or research;
allowances and gratuities for trainees and apprentices, beyond a certain ceiling;
the preparatory year allowances and the allowances of the university teacher training institute (IUFM).

Main non-taxable income
Due to their nature, certain income received is not taxable. As far as possible, the tax authorities avoid taxing individuals whose incomes are too low or who receive social assistance and allowances, particularly students. The following are therefore tax deductible:

APL (personalized housing assistance)
scholarships awarded according to social criteria
compulsory internship allowances. That is to say of a duration of less than three months, within the framework of a school course
internship bonuses, capped at € 17,763 annually in 2018 (the minimum wage)
wages received as part of your apprenticeship, within the annual minimum wage
Special case : income received for a salaried activity, exercised in parallel with a school / university course ( apprenticeship , professionalization contract) is not taxable if:

you are no more than 25 years old on January 1 of the tax year,
the total of these revenues is less than or equal to the annual limit of 3 times the monthly minimum wage (i.e. € 4,440 for 2018).
If these two conditions are met, only the fraction which exceeds the limit is to be declared.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to declare your income when you are independent?
Workers independent (small businesses, farmers, professionals) are also affected by the income tax. These professional categories do not receive salaries but:

of Non Commercial Profits (BNC) for the liberal professions
the Industrial and Commercial Profits (BIC) for craftsmen, traders, self-employed
of Agricultural Benefits (BA) for farmers
To declare their taxes, they must fill out several documents: declaration n ° 2042 C PRO (form 2031-SD) and form 2050-LIASSE (tables 2033 A to G for the self-employed under the simplified real scheme, 2050 to 2059 for the self-employed at normal real speed.

Can there be errors in my pre-filled declaration?
The pre-filled declaration is practical but there may be errors (to your disadvantage ...). Reread the amounts! For a few years, the administration has been sending you a "pre-filled" paper declaration, that is to say where the amounts already known to the tax administration (salaries, certain financial income for example) already appear. Similarly, if you declare online, these amounts will already be filled.
Warning ! You still have to check because errors are possible. Even if it is the administration that made an error in amount, if you do not correct it, you are responsible for the amount declared . In other words, in the event of a check, you absolutely cannot say that "it was not you who wrote the amount" ...

In addition, there may also be income reversal between you and your spouse in the pre-filled declaration. This may affect your ability to receive individual aid for which you must present your tax assessment. Open your eyes and compare all the amounts to the paper you have received including this amount (December salary slip for salaries, summary of, etc.).

►To go further:

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Additional costs: costs not to be overlooked

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